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Here, we will showcase the amazing projects created by JAMBOX Artist Bootcampers!


Nadia Jane


  • Age 15
  • Singing since she was 4 years old
  • Started recording music at 11 years old
  • Likes Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Soul, and Electronic music
  • Favorite artists: Christina Aguilera, Jessie J, and Frank Ocean

Stephanie Gong


  • Age 15
  • Has been involved in music her entire life
  • Plays the flute, violin, piano, and drums
  • Aside from music, she is also a dancer


Click here to watch Stephanie's Bootcamp experience

Josh Gerstenhaber aka "Josh G."


  • Age 9
  • Wants to be a full-scale performer and superstar
  • Has auditioned for the Disney Channel
  • Musical Influences: Justin Bieber, Eminem, Jay-Z, and One Direction


                          Click here to watch Josh's Bootcamp experience 

Valentyna Simon


  • Age 10
  • Has been involved in music for 2 years
  • Wants to be a singer, actor, and musician
  • Plays the role of 'Timone' in her school's production of The Lion King
  • Great attitude and personality
  • Loves performing; wants to be a public peformer, big performer, and to to perform in a large arena

Samira Abdullah aka "Maydon" aka "Sami Love" 


  • Age 17
  • Has been involved in music for 7 years
  • Likes pop, rock, and acoustic music
  • Favorite artists: Tina Turner and Beyonce


Click here to watch Samira's Bootcamp experience

Danielle Goz aka "Dani Goz"


  • Age 13
  • Wants to be a very public performer/big pop star
  • Has been playing piano since she was 5 years old
  • Musical influences: Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, F.U.N., and Pink
  • Writes her own music
  • She is also a dancer


Click here to watch Danielle's Bootcamp experience

Jillian Holly


  • Age 14
  • Has been involved in music for 5 years
  • Wants to be a well-known, professional artist
  • Plays guitar
  • Also interested in audio engineering
  • Musical Influences: Taylor Swift, Cher Lloyd, One Direction, Paramore, and Beyonce


Click here to watch Jillian's Bootcamp experience

Alexa Ingrassia aka "Lexi Lou"


  • Age 8
  • Has been involved in music for 8 years
  • Wants to be a musical superstar, playing guitar and piano
  • Musical Inspiration: Miley Cyrus and David Guetta


Click here to watch Alexa's Bootcampe experience

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